The Banquet of Ice and Fire

I have just finished editing a video of the footage that was recorded at an event I organized. The banquet of Ice and fire was a party celebrating the release of the new series of Game of thrones. As a bit of a GoT Nerd myself and some others put on a banquet with fancy dress food drink and dancing. A friend was filming a part of a documentary there and recorded some footage of the event which I turned into a short video.

I spent about 20 minutes trying to get the last shot right. The cameraman had caught a refection of the fire in the ice sculpture and i managed to isolate and boost it colour to give a brighter reflection. I learned a few new colour grading techniques putting it together including the 'Sin City' effect where you desaturate everything except a particulate colour. the idea was to be in keeping with our events name "The banquet of ice and fire" see the finished product below.

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