Wedding Cake

I am currently putting together content to project on a cake for a wedding. the bride and groom aren't having a traditional wedding cake and so instead they are having a cake competition with people bringing cakes. I plan on buying a cake from the supermarket and projecting some of my content on it using my housemates mini projector.

So far I have 5 ideas that I will make 5 minute animations for each and loop them from the player. they are as follows:

1. Congratulations: The couples name written on the cake by a Tinkerbell/Navi style light effect. Then the text will sparkle for a bit before exploding into glitter. I have started on this one but need to test the effect on a cake. I'm not sure how the colour will come out on a projected surface.

2. Stroke Space: A Clip based on the video copilot tutorial "3d stroke" it will basically follow a growing stroke effect as it moves through a 3d space of different colours. should only take me a couple of hours. planning on doing that one later today.

3. fireworks: because who doesn't love good old fireworks. An easy particle based animation that I should be able to complete by the end of the day.

4. under the sea: I am going to fill up the screen with water using bifrost or newton and then have creatures of the sea swim by. Nemo, Sharks and whatever else i can muster.

5. dancing silhouettes: silhouettes of people dancing. This one is the only one finished at the time I write this. I'v used clips of lots of different styles of dancing people.

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