Unwanted Space projection

This week I have started work on a projection mapping job for a night put on by the DJ collective The Unwanted family. The night will be cosmic themed so I'll be projecting the cockpit of a spaceship on the wall above the crowd.

The plan is to do a series of 5 min videos that I can randomize. my current plan is to do 8 but we shall see how that holds up when the deadline approaches. the good thing about this approach is that if i don't get them all done the experience with just a couple. each clip will be a different situation the spaceship will find itself in with a hyperspace style jump in between each one to keep the beginning and end points the same.

my eight clips currently planned out are:

1. Sunrise above the earth. Keeping it close to home. This one is actually finished right now.

even though I haven't finished the cockpit animation yet.


2. Some kind of space dry dock. inspired heavily by Star Trek when the Enterprise is docked above earth. I'm imagening servo arms moving things around and perhaps some men in space suits floating around

3 Nebula's are beautiful and this clip will be largely based on the into to Star Trek: voyager when the ship if flying through what seems like 'space clouds' i should point out that I am well aware that Nebula's are not like candyfloss up close but there's always room for some artistic licencing

4. A classic flying through an asteroid field scene. I'm thinking of the Millennium Falcon in Empire strikes back but i'm sure its used more often then that.

5. A flight through the sol system. perhaps starting near the sun and flying all the way to Pluto. getting to see all the planets we know and love.

6. A space battle! Ok, I know this one is a little ambitious but I'll leave it until last. It would be pretty cool though.

7 we just watched Armageddon at home and i love the design of the asteroid in it so I was thinking about flying with a group of asteroids as they fly towards a planet.

8 I'm leaving this one open. perhaps something will hit me so watch this space.

#UnwantedFamily #Space #Cosmic #spaceship

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