Robot Factory - Robitika

August 7, 2016




I haven't posted here in a while. while due to going on holiday to Hong Kong to see my brother. This week as well as fighting jetlag I have primarily been working on a project for Boomtown Fair. A music Festival in Winchester. Boomtown is my faverite festival due to its creative productions and creativity. The work has come in through a creative collective I somtimes work with called Cursor. Cursor are based round the corner from me and are involved in some of the projection work I have been doing. This year there is a new stage which is futuristic dystopian robot factory themed. The stage is called  Robotika. our content is for the venues screens.


I have done a few bits and pieces for this over the course of the week, primarily an animation of their robot mascot being constructed by hydraulic arms. The arms are on a series of rings that surround the construction area and put the mascot together from component parts. To construct this I used a model I built when I worked at amplified robot. Original animation showed a similar construction but of amplified robots more bulky mascot. all i then had to do was re do the animation to fit the new subject. 




Also Working with us on this project is my cousin George. He works as a compositor at the Mill. A large post production house in central London. I have been rendering multiple different passes for him to composit the animation from. This has included a few passes I rarely use such as ID passes. using the standard presets that Maya provides for render passes I manged to provide some of these but some didnt turn out quite as I wanted. for a secetion of some of the passes used see below.


The project has been mostly fun but very time-consuming. That being said it will be great to see my work on one of the big screens at the festival. I will have to make sure I film it for My portfolio. I'm off to Boomtown on Wednsday. Cant wait!







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