Robotika at Boomtown

Its been a while. I'm hideousness behind on my blog but I'm going to make an attempt to get my back dated posts out over this weekend. My project for Boomtown is finally over.

It was the biggest project I have done with Cursor to date and involved lots of different bits and pieces. Firstly there was a bit of retopologizing models. The modeler on the project had made a very high topology model for the project that crashed his machine when he tried to bind a rig to it. It was pretty basic work although a little time consuming.

Primarily I did an animation of the robot being constructed. There is a paragraph about its render layers in my previous Boomtown blog post.

My animation and the other animations that were used in conjunction with it were being shown in the Robotika venue through a lot of the festival. The main showcase of our work was the live show on the Saturday night. The show included our graphics displayed on the screens with dancers, aerial performers and a great light show. Our graphics were played on two screen on either side of the stage which was new to me as usually I provide projected content to the Cursor guys. the screens give a clearer image then most projectors I have worked with but they are a pain to film as I found out on the night. I must remember to talk to a proper cameraman next time I try to film them.

There were some tecnical problems with the front of house area which meant the VJ's were stuck without being able to see their work. An attempt to rig up a system with gopro's was made but to no avail. this was a bit of a shame but I'm sure its not a mistake the Robotika guys will make again.

It was great seeing my work live on a main stage of a proper festival and it has already got me thinking about what to produce for next year. perhaps I will incorporate the footage I took from Hong-Kong to make a dystopian future like scene.

Boomtown is my favorite festival by far. The people who run it and a good amount of the crowd are lovely and creative people. Plus its layout a completely different take on the normal arena based festival. I'm going to leave a link to their video from this year below as it was currently something special.

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