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Google Tilt brush

I'v just finished a VR event that involved me spending the day painting with Googles Tilt Brush program. The event took place at the university of Bristol and was put together by Barclays bank. The Event has students answer the question "how would you change the world around you" I then had to use the Tilt brush to paint it. Some of the students drew their own work. the images were then put up on Facebook and the one with the most likes would win. I think they get a donation to the charity off their choice.

You can see the results here:

The tilt brush was fun to play with, drawing in a 3D space is an interesting thing to be able to do with your hands in such a direct way. normally my manipulation of 3D space has a certain 2nd hand feel to it as the metaphors used by many programs are a little counter intuitive.

I'm quite tempted to practice an HTC Vive just to get some more practice in with it.

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