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Rofuclav Augmented Reality

For the past couple of weeks I have been putting together an app for a company in India. It is an augmented reality app to sell a product called Rofuclav. The premise is that two characters will jump out of the trigger image that will be mounted on a box. The characters will then be attacked by a third who represents moisture. Using the power of the product two characters will fight of the third and be protected by a shield created by Rofuclav.

The characters were all one model with different textures and hair to differentiate them. The animation process was pretty simple although pressed into quite a short space of time. The development side of it was dealt with by amplified robot The app development company are used to work for before going freelance. It was short but it was nice to see the guys over there again.

The biggest challenge of the project was getting used to the time difference. I would regularly get messages at four in the morning and get no replies in the afternoon. The guys over were cool and the project wrapped itself up with little difficulty.

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