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Goldfrapp - Systemagic

Last week I helped with the finishing of the music video of Goldfrapp's Systemagic. It was just small bits and pieces such as removing artifacting and rotoscoping. It was only one day of work last week but I spent the rest of the week doing all kinds of admin so this is what I'm leaving on the blog.

The video launch last week and it seems to be doing pretty well on YouTube. Check it out below:

I understand it was Alison Goldfrapp's first music video she had directed herself. As a result there was a meticulous eye to detail that was being focused on the video. It was a fun short project and it was great to be working with the guys at brave spark again.

They are doing all kinds of fun projects at the moment.

#Goldfrapp #MusicVideo #Compositing #Bravespark

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