Beauty & Feast/Day of the dead

I'm back! I'm supposed to do these weekly but I just fell out of the habit. So I'm jumping in to it again. This week I've been doing some animations for set designers Darling and Edge. D&E have been my neighbours for a few years. They are incredible artists and work on some really fun projects so it was a pleasure to work with them and has helped break up some far less interesting jobs.

The first animation I did for them was for their immersive experience 'beauty and the feast'. A pantomime style eating experience based on beauty and the beast. I animated some of the Illustrations done by Harriet Darling. One of D&E's directors. I love her drawings they have a great style to them. The animations were simple movements for the events social media campaign. They can be seen here:

I got the chance to go see Beauty and the feast a couple of weeks ago and highly recommend it. It's entertaining, the food was great, The performers were engaging and hilarious and of corse the place looked incredible. If you are interested in going I'll leave the event below. In believe it's running until February .

The second job I've done with D&E was for an event called 'Wahaca's day of the dead' this coming Friday. It's a day of the dead themed night at the vaults in association with Wahaca. Again I did some animations for their social media campaign. But also the animations will be on screens at the entrance. I'm going along to the event so we will see how it turns out on the night. I'm sure the videos will be appearing on the various posts surrounding this event.

Beauty and the feast:

Wahaca's Day of the dead:

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