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Last week I helped on an immersive art peace by Megan Broardmeadow. its called "Seek-pray-advance." and is currently is the cgp London gallery. until the 29th of april.

Megan has transformed the gallery into an immersive Sci-fi landscape. With a combination of different mediums including; Video, Projection, Set design and soundscapes.

I was tasked with designing an alien user interface for the spaceship structure. The animations would be played on loop on IPads placed in the exhibition.

I had to create two different interfaces. so I made the first in a modeler fashion so all the different elements could be taken apart and put back together in another configuration. With this I was able to put together two different screens that looked different with minimum changes to the animations.

The Show looks great and I would recommend going to see it if you find yourself in south London. Especially anyone who loves their sci-fi.

More details here:

#animation #afterefects #scifi #art

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